Gunjan Ashapure



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Lead  Leads are the most important part of the company's sales department and the whole company

Leads can be understood as an individual or an organization who are interested in what we are selling. In other words, leads are the buyers of the services provided by the company. Leads can be individuals or the organization which can generate profits for the company by purchasing the services provided by the company. It is not always easy to generate leads, that s why the salesperson of the company needs to adopt different methods to attract leads and connect with them.

   Lead generation websites: -

First and the most common method for generating leads is the websites. There are many websites available on the internet for lead generation. A company can find leads on those websites and can connect to them by chats and calls.

Through social media: - This is another common method for generating leads. Through this, a company can create its network on various social media platforms. A company can post its services on these platforms and attract a lot of leads. Itís like digital marketing. Platforms like Instagram,

  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be used for this.

   Creating videos: - By creating videos of the companyís services and expertise and posting them on various platforms like 


YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. can help a company in pitching leads. Through these videos, those who need the services which the company is providing can reach them.

Along with these, there are many more methods through which a company can generate a number of leads. But it all takes time, a lot of effort, and continuous follow-ups. Remember taking follow-ups regularly is a must to stay in touch with the leads or you can say, clients.